Guidelines for abstracts

   Conference materials will include Book of Abstracts and Excursion Guidebook which will be printed before the beginning of the Conference. Submitted papers will be checked by the Scientific board.
    It is strongly recommended that each registered participant may submit only one abstract, but may be co-author of abstracts submitted by other registered participants.
    For preparation of abstracts, which have to be written in English, please follow strictly the instructions given below. Texts should be language reviewed. The authors are fully responsible for the contents of their abstracts. Here you can download the sample prepared according to the instructions. Texts that will not be prepared according to the instructions will not be printed.
    Abstracts should be written by word processor MS Word (or compatible). Page should be set on A4 portrait format (210x297 mm), left margin should be placed on 2.54 cm (1.0"), right, top and bottom margins on 1.27 cm (0.5"). Use Times New Roman or Times Roman font. The total length of an Abstract (including title, authors, figures, tables, references) is limited to one page only.
    The short and informative title should be typed in small letters, unless capital letters are required, bold style, 12 points and centred. Leave one empty line and then give the full name(s) and surname(s) of the author(s). Use small letters, unless capital letters are required, bold style, 11 points, and also centre. The name of the author who will present the paper should be underlined. Leave one line empty and then give the address(es) also in small letters, unless capital letters are required, normal style, 10 points, and again center. For the communicating author add e-mail address in parenthesis.
    After leaving one empty line type the text (11 points, normal style), which should be single spaced and justified. Indent the first line of each paragraph by 1.27 cm (0.5"). The abstract can be divided into sections. Leave one blank line between last paragraph of the section and the title of next section, but do not leave blank lines after subtitles. Subtitles should be indented and printed in bold. References in the body of the text should be cited as follows: one author - (SMITH, 1996), two authors - (SMITH & TAYLOR, 2000), more than two authors - (JONES et al., 2000).
    If it is essential for the understanding of the text, add a table or figure respecting page margins and total length of the abstract. Table should be placed appropriately in the text. The table number followed by its title should be below it. Figures of high-quality (black and white or greyscale), should be numbered and referred in the text. Size of text, symbols or labels within figures should be at least 1.5 mm in the final printed form. Figure captions should be written at the end of the text file. Figures prepared by computer, in EPS, JPEG or TIFF format, should be submitted separately as separate files with a title appropriate to its content, e.g. grayjfig1.eps. It is important that in the final version of the file (EPS) all letters on illustrations are converted to paths (it is necessary to select the command convert text to curves). Please inform us in e-mail about the type and version of the program used. Scale bars in figures should be presented graphically because of the adjustment during layout preparation.
  All references mentioned in the text should be cited in the alphabetical order, as in the following examples:
JONES, E., SMITH, J. & TAYLOR, G. (1996): Clays in Columbus Neogene Basin.- Clay Minerals, 45, 165-175.
SMITH, J. (2000): Clay Minerals.- Springer Verlag, Berlin, 444 p.
SMITH, J. & TAYLOR, G. (1996): Characterisation of the layer charge.-In: BROWN, D.F. (ed.): Smectites. Clay Soc., 33-58.
   All abstracts should be saved in Rich Text format (rtf file), using a file name consisting of the surname and initial of the communicating author, e.g. grayj.rtf (without diacritical marks). Authors should submit their abstracts as an e-mail attachment to address not later than April 30th, 2006. Papers arriving after this deadline will not be included in the Book of Abstracts. Abstracts and figure printouts should be also faxed on +385 1 4605998 or sent by surface mail to:
Vanja Biševac
Mineraloško-petrografski zavod PMF-a
Horvatovac bb
HR-10000 Zagreb
    No abstract will be included in the abstract volume until full payment of registration fee is received.